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Booking Engine

Customizable and robust reservation product database.

Resource Management. Control availability for activities across multiple times that share resources, like a certain number of rafts or river allocations.

Business Segmenting. Manage different companies, merchant accounts, and products using one system. Create branded literature and websites for each.

Roles and Permissions. Build user profiles to assign permissions to groups of staff. Add roles to allow access to areas of the system based on the many hats you wear.

Variable Rates. Use discounts, promo codes, or our variable rate tables to create a rate structure for different days of week, time of year, or type of group.

Packaging. Create packages or pre-determined itineraries that include activities, lodging, meals, rentals, etc. Book with one click online or in the office.

Quotes. Capture contact information and send price quotes for guests who are not quite ready to book without holding availability.

Online Reservations

Simple and customizable online booking engine that you can add to your website.

In-person/Phone Reservations

Sell your products with ease using our intuitive back office platform.

Notes. Communicate details with back of house and operation staff seamlessly with a number of note fields.

Product Availability. Manage product availability in macro and micro levels. Change day by day or by time, if needed.

Payments & Vouchers. Take a variety of payments using our preferred processors. Track gift certificates and other vouchers.

Packaging. Create easy to book product bundles that use real-time availability. Offer these online too.

Follow-up. Schedule calls, tasks, and automatic follow-up emails for potential guests and those with reservations.

Productivity Hub. Reservation staff each have their own dashboard to stay on task with quotes, follow-ups, and past dues.

Partner/Vendor Reservations

Make it easy for other area businesses to help expand your reach.

Adventure Ops

Sync your reservation and operations easily.

Optional module available with add-on pricing.

Real-Time Updates. AdventureOps syncs with AdventureRes for real-time updates.

Transportation. Organize shuttles and schedule drivers. Print driver logistics schedules so they know where to be when.

Guide Payroll. Track and submit payroll for staff including extras for job types, certifications, and other bonuses.

Guide Scheduling

Activity changes, additions, and deletions flow into AdventureOps.

Staff Management

Keep track of your staff through a variety of tools and data points.

Certifications. Collect necessary data for self-defined certifications including CPR, First Aid, food handlers, etc.

Qualifications. Track guide qualifications for different trips and sections.

Trip Logs. Monitor guide trip logs for reporting to state agencies or internal use.

Personnel Data. Collect relevant personnel data for each staff including CDL licensing, emergency contacts, etc.

Availablity. Allow staff to access the online availability calendar so they can let you know their schedule.

Equipment Logs

Use Ops to keep a handle on all of your equipment including vehicles, rafts, helmets, and more.

Lodging Module

Control inventory, booking, and track housekeeping needs.

Rate Management

Flexible Rates. Set rates for specific days of week, time of year, holidays, future years, or this Thursday because you are almost sold out. Change rates at any time.

Stay Controls. Apply minimum nights to book stay controls that you can update overtime as things book up or get cancelled.

Inventory Controls. For like-units, maximize bookings by creating groups out of similar rooms or cabins and control how units are booked.


Communicate needs with housekeeping to be ready to welcome your next guest.


Communicate needs with housekeeping to be ready to welcome your next guest.

Contracts. Bulk print lodging contracts or intake forms for your daily arrivals.

Check-in. Print labels for check-in packets or envelopes. Use one-click check-in feature to track who is here.

Housekeeping. Monitor arrivals, departures, and stayovers with easy reporting and matrices.

Analysis. Measure occupancy, realized revenue per unit or person, other data.


An extension of your marketing efforts with built-in features.


Use a variety of features within the system to track the guest path, interests, marketing campaigns and more.

Literature, Emails and Texts

Create individual emails, texts, or series of campaigns that become part of the guest history.

Send Grid. Use Send Grid as your ESP in conjunction with ARS to track open rates, deliverability, etc.

Management. Use the interactive literature queues to quickly send mass groups of email.

Variety. Make items to represent print material as well as literature and attachments.

History Look-up. Literature is kept as part of the guest history to make back tracking simple.

Customizable. Use our templates or create HTML documents that represent your brand.

Schedulability. Program literature to send based on triggers throughout the reservation process.

Lead Management

Schedule Calls. Create a follow-up call reminder on a prospect or guest for yourself or someone else. Then monitor the status, keep notes, and track progress.

Auto-schedule Email Campaigns. Scheduled emails to send on specific dates based on the sales path for a potential client or as pre-and post-stay paths. Then send the emails with the click of a button.

Create Follow-up Tasks. Communicate messages or tasked with your entire staff or one person. Or just set a reminder for yourself to do something.

Online Booking

Our highly customizable online booking engine allows you to control your brand and add products to your website easily.


Take a deep dive into the data that drives your business with a wide array of reporting options.

Booking Stats. Follow your booking stats to see trends and act accordingly both online and offline. Track YTD bookings.

Financial. Monitor the financial health of your business with accrual or cash accounting reports.

Rosters. Print rosters for activities, lodging, or transportation to make sure your staff is prepared for the day.

Projections. Use projections to track how you are performing or what operational needs are ahead.

Analysis. Use reports to analyze everything from occupancy to zip codes by product or as a whole.

Mailing Lists. Create custom segmented lists for exporting to your email platform or mail house.

Interactive Reports

A series of interactive financial, operational, and marketing reports let you toggle into reservations in one click.

Productivity Dashboard

Each staff member has an easy to read dashboard that helps them stay on task.

Data Management

All of your products and customer data are contained in one database that feeds to different parts of the system.

Digital Waivers

Waivers are stored within the system and not as a third-party add on.

Trip Roster Options. Print reports or use the digital trip registration manager to keep track of all participants and their waivers.

Waiver Storage. Your waivers will be stored on the server for as long as you like.

Immediate Access. Waivers entered today can be marketed to tomorrow. Or even today – if you have time.

Kiosk-ability. Use an emailable link for advanced bookings, a QR code, or the kiosk option for contactless use.

Real-time Updates. Account for last minute guest roster changes. Roster is shared to operations and reservations.

Group Leader Tool. Allow your group leader to view who has completed their waivers and who might miss the boat.

Trip Check-In

Use the digital registration manager to review trips prior to departure or provide print manifests for remote locations.

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