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Reservation system for adventure tours, lodging & packages.

Tackle complex reservation scenarios, marketing, leads, contactless waivers, lodging and housekeeping, operations management, payroll, reports, and more!

Bring your adventure online.

Outdoor adventure or inside stays, if you offer it — we can book it! Our specialized team brings over 100 years of experience in the adventure outfitting industry to help get your unique experience ready to book online, and through your call center.

World-class tour and resort operators trust AdventureRES.

Book with a comprehensive rock-solid system, made by an expert team that has your back.

Echo Canyon

“AdventureRes allows us to effectively handle not just reservations for activities and lodging, but also operations which is key for a large operator like us. The icing on the cake is AdventureRes has first hand experience in all of these areas. They’ve owned and managed businesses like ours, so they understand our reservation system needs.” — Ben

Pocono Whitewater

The AdventureRES support team consistently goes above and beyond; They provide comprehensive solutions tailored to our business, make themselves readily available at a moment’s notice, and are thorough when helping us navigate & understand their system. — Talon

Glacier Raft Company

The customer service with AdventureRes is the best. They work very hard to help with any issues that come up and are very quick to respond. After trying many different systems we feel like AdventureRes is the best for an adventure and lodging company.” — Cassie


Is there a contract to use AdventureRes?

Initially, we will have you sign a contract outlining responsibilities and payment details.

Do we need our own server?

No. For most clients, we will include the hosting of your service in with the monthly cost. You will be hosted in the cloud, and we will take care of the technical maintenance. Some clients prefer to use their own server. We are able to accommodate that as well, however, any support we need to do ‘extra’ might not be included.

How long does it take to get started?

After we enter a relationship, we will get you started with gathering some information while we set up your database environment. Then we will do an in-person or virtual install of your products along with staff training. Depending on the size and complexity of your offerings, you could be taking reservations between 3-5 days after the install begins.

Do you offer services besides a reservation system?

Our staff has extensive experience in advertising for the outdoor industry, technical skills, operational experience, and more. We are able to consult on a variety of needs you may have from branding to product development and more. Our network of agencies with outdoor adventure experience can fill in the gaps and help you grow your business.

What kind of support is offered?

We will work with you in completing the initial set up of your system completed. After that, we will assist in training your staff and then coaching you to optimize your use of the system. Within the system, you will find educational resources that go step-by-step for how to do pretty much everything in ARS. Our support team is available by phone or email and we can work with you for additional in person help. Our goal is to make you a master, but we realize that things change and sometimes two heads are better than one.

As my business grows, will AdventureRes scale with it?

That’s probably one of the most beautiful things about this system. ARS is able to grow and change with your business, while keeping your past data available for reporting and comparisons. We’ll offer best practice ideas on how to grow with the system.

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